Dear viewers we use Huawei's new Android mobile but Huawei mobile does not have Google Play service. So many of us can't use and download the apps from Google Play Store. So for those of you who are using Huawei's new Android mobile phone Nova 7 5g Nova Seven i Nova 7i and Google Play service in Huawei's latest latest mobiles.

• So from now on you can install Google Play service on all Huawei mobile phones and download any Android apps from Play Store. Now download the Play Store, YouTube app, Google Map from Browser, Google Web Browser. And download all of Google's apps by installing the Play Store. Dear viewers, in order to download the Play Store on your Huawei Nova Seven Five G mobile phone, you need to download an APK file. You can download this file by clicking on the link given below this post. Once the file is downloaded to this APK then install it. When the installation processing is complete then click Next Step.

 You will see Google service. Run that Google Play service. Then an app will be installed. Vmos Pro Rom. Then install Google Play Store. Install all the apps. Install and use Google Play service on mobile phones and Huawei on all mobile phones. Thank you, friends. We regularly post on our website many kinds of technical and science blogger SEO friendly so you can learn a lot by visiting our website regularly. About Android. And Know More Tricks and tips.
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