Dear viewers, many of us use Android mobile phones but we don't have a nice launcher on our mobile which makes our mobile phone look unattractive to anyone so how can you set up a beautiful launcher on your mobile that will make the design of your mobile change and new A smart launcher will be setting on your mobile. Because we have the district ansar by default on the mobile phone, we don't like them anymore, so set a new launcher on your mobile from now on. Vibhas area but about 92% of people do not have it. You can download it now, use Allan Char or customize it on your mobile. 

• However, to activate or install this launch, you need to download an application from the Google Play Store, but there is a download link below this post. If you want, you can download this launcher application by clicking on this link. When the cardamom application download is complete, open it first. After opening, if you want any permission, add each permission to Express. Then look at the cardamom it will take a little while to set up on your mobile then you don't have to customize anything else. There are many options on the right or left side of the mobile. There are many options in the sidebar which you will see when you touch it with your finger. 

• Then you will see that there are many options on the left, then there are some more apps on the screen of the mobile. Then to open all the mobile apps, look under the mobile, there is an application option, click here, then swipe up, you will see all the applications will come out, this line is not in many mobile phones, if you download and activate now, your mobile will be much smarter He will be surprised when he looks at the mobile. I hope the viewers understand that if there is a problem in understanding, of course, after watching our video well, make four settings. Friends, we regularly post many types of posts on our web site, technical and science blogger SEO friendly, so if you visit our website regularly, you can learn a lot and learn a lot about Android. And Know More Tricks and tips. Download Apps

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