Viewers There are many types of screen locks for our Android mobiles which can be used to set the screen lock on our mobiles so that the screen of the mobile will always be protected. And many times it is seen that children have to give mobile phones in their hands so the screen protection of your mobile is locked. And friends are often seen when we are playing a game or browsing privately, many times someone behind us is looking at the screen of the mobile. He tries to see what we are doing on our mobile so today I will teach you a secret secret trick. When someone stands behind you or in front of you, you can lock the screen of your mobile phone almost instantly to see who is holding your mobile phone in your hand. This mobile will have full screen protection for what you are doing or watching and in case of small children. 

• Friends, for Touch Protection of Mobile, you must download an Android app that has to be downloaded from Google Play Store, but we will have a download link at the bottom of this post. If you click on that link, you can download this Mobile Screen Protection application. When the download of the application is complete, open it first, then if you want any permission, give access to each permission. If the cricket shunti is open, see the notice is written then Shake, proximity, upside down, hard key, you click on this option Shake then see it is written Shake locking by clicking on this option. Then click on this option Hard Keys After clicking here see here is written volume Up key to unlock Turn on this option. Then click on the Lock Design option, then set a picture here. When you give it to your mobile, the picture you saved here will appear on the screen of the mobile. Custom lock design Click on this option, then the ad is written. 

• Click on the ad option. After clicking, save any image from the gallery of your phone here, then once you see the mobile, this image will be set. Exit the application after this setting is finished. Then once you give your mobile to anyone you will see the screen of the mobile is locked. And to unlock, press the button above the volume of the mobile and you will see that the screen of the mobile has been unlocked again. This way there is an easy way to lock the mobile phone for aspirin protection and the screen of the mobile will have a lot of protection. Then if you are browsing something. If someone moves behind you or right in front of you then shake it from the mobile and you will see that the screen of the mobile is locked and another picture will appear. So if you do this, someone in life will understand what you are doing on your mobile. Dear visitors, we have a variety of posts on our website, technical and science blogger SEO friendly, so if you visit our website regularly, you can learn a lot and learn a lot about Android. And Know More Tricks and tips. Download Apps

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