Dear viewers who use Huawei's new mobiles such as Huawei Nova 7 5G, Huawei Nova 7 SE, Huawei y9s, and new devices from Huawei that are not available in Google Play Store or you can install these on Huawei's latest Play Store. For those who can't or can't download, they can use Google's apps on any of Huawei's latest or new mobile phones without having to download the Play Store, such as Chrome browser, Google Map, Google Drive, Google Meet and Google Classroom. All these types of Google apps can be used on Huawei's latest mobile phones. For them, you need to follow some steps. 

• First, sign in to the gallery of your WAP's latest mobile phone with any of your Gmail accounts, then search in the app gallery, search and install Petal Search. Open after installing Petal Search, click on Agree after opening, then search on Petal Search, search YouTube Vanced, then search, install this application first, install YouTube Vanced, install this application on YouTube, open it after installing, open it, see a text get started Click here then swipe twice to the left then see three applications will come YouTube Vanced, YouTube Music, YouTube MicroG Download and install the last number three application, then first download YouTube Vanced and install the application. Did. 

• Then when the installation of these two applications is complete, go to the home screen of the mobile, then open the YouTube MicroG application from the home screen of the mobile, then see an option will show Google account Registration, click this option and close it. Then type in the search box in Petal Search on your Huawei mobile again Chrome Browser then download and install Chrome Browser from here. After installing Open this Chrome Browser from your mobile. After opening Welcome then Accept then everything with this Chrome Browser from Google. You can work like click on this chrome browser then you will see there are 9 inboxes click on that nine box in the top right side then see here all the apps of google here chrome browser google drive google meet google mit google different Add to the screen then you will see all the videos of YouTube including YouTube and also from YouTube vanced app. 

• And you can install Google Play Store on your Huawei Nova 7 5g mobile phone or latest mobile phone. We have questions about that Google Play Store installation on our website. If you search, you will find out how to install Google Play Store on Huawei Nova 7 5G G mobile. Dear viewers, I hope you have understood that if you have trouble understanding, there is a video below this post. After watching that video, you can install Chrome browser on your Huawei mobile phone and run Play Store. Friends, we regularly post many types of posts on our website, technical and science blogger SEO friendly, so if you visit our website regularly, you can learn a lot and learn a lot about Android. And Know More Tricks and Tips.

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