Dear viewers, those of us who are using Android mobile phones, our mobiles often hang or slow down, which makes it very late to do any work. And when we download many third party applications, many times the virus enters our mobile and many of us do not know. Then if you charge your mobile phone a lot of the time, you will see that suddenly the battery of the mobile has become very hot and we cannot solve or fix it at all. So today's new trick I will teach you how to delete all the viruses on your mobile and your phone memory will be a lot of ink and the RAM of the mobile will be clean. 

• Friends, you need to download an application from the Google Play Store to scan everything on your mobile or to delete it outside, but there is a link to the application. You can download it by clicking there from the bottom of this post. Once the application is downloaded, open it first. If you want any permission, you have to give each permission Express. When the application is open, you will see that there is an arrow button at the top. Click on that button, then you will see that there are all kinds of options inside this application. Junk file cleaner. And you will see that there is an option called Battery Saver. Clicking there will save the battery of the mobile which will keep the battery charge of the mobile for a long time. 

• There are also various other options such as how much the temperature is when the battery of your mobile is charged, here is the temperature. Then scanning is out there. If you click there, all the files of the mobile, all the photos, all the apps will be tanned. Then you will see an option. There is a text full scan. Click below Resolve Now If you click there, these viruses will be deleted. This application also requires money on everyone's mobile phone at least once a day, but all the files on the mobile phone, all the documents need to be scanned, then the virus will never enter your mobile. Friends, we regularly post many types of posts on our web site, technical and science blogger SEO friendly, so if you visit our website regularly, you can learn a lot and learn a lot about Android. And know more tricks and Tips. Download Apps

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