The hide screen or screen guard app protects the phone screen from the eyes. Do you value the privacy of your mobile screen? And want to hide the chat? The screen protector app protects your privacy by applying a screen filter that makes it difficult for others to read your phone's screen dimmer. With the Hide Screen app, you can hide the privacy of your mobile screen from the people around you. Screen privacy shades work best when you're reading a chat, composing a message, or even just using privacy screen guards and filters.

  The screen privacy shade can also be used as a screen guard or privacy screen guard. Screen dimmer protects your privacy with black screen filters or eye protectors. Screen Guard also provides screen filters to enable hide screens on mobiles. The screen hideer app can be customized by changing the opacity and size of your privacy screen. The main feature of Screen Night mode is to reduce the brightness of the screen of your mobile and to hide the screen from the eyes.

  You can use this anti-spy screen app as a screen guard for WhatsApp. Black screen color overlay on screen protector protects your privacy screen for WhatsApp chat. Privacy Screen Guard This app can be used in Messenger or while surfing any website.

  Chat Mask for WhatsApp lets you take part in conversations with the people who created the Chat Mask app. You can share your text message using hide chat name for Whatsapp app. The Hide Chat Name app will help you in hidden chats so that no one will know that you have read all the receiving messages which will help you to mask Hide WhatsApp chat. Hide chat name is easy to use application.

  Privacy Screen Guard Features:

  Cover your screen with screen filters or personal screens to protect your privacy.

  Resize screen protector to your needs and hide chat.

  • Color screen filter lets you change the opacity of mobile night mode.

 Enable and disable privacy screen shades from your mobile screen with just one tap.

  • Also acts as a night mode screen dimmer.

  Optimized for maximum performance and battery life.

  • Eye protection user guide, change screen color.

  Cutomizable screen brightness level.

 Privacy protetor for mobile

  Simple user interface designed for user convenience.

  Privacy screen guards and filters give you a privacy screen and hide chats for others, which are re-adjustable and very easy to use. Easily manage screen brightness and area to be covered by the Hide Screen app with just a few clicks. You can use this privacy screen guard as an anti-peeping screen.

  Hide screens from others with black screen filters. Black screen filters let you hide mobile screen privacy. Protect your mobile screen by screen guard privacy shadow then apply black screen blocker filter. This is hide screen filter for android phone protector.

  Hide your screen and protect your privacy, whether you're in a public place or with friends hiding the screen from others. The screen light filter also acts as a screen protector for your mobile screen. This is hide screen filter for android phone protector. Screen Protector is the best app for the color of the transparent screen according to the convenience of the user.

  Screen Shade app protects your SMS reading from others. This is the Chat Mask Reading Screen Protector App. The best screen guard privacy screen block for all apps. Adjustable hide screen allows users to easily hide some or all of your mobile screen according to your mobile's privacy screen. This is a screen guard for WhatsApp chat and guard screen for Android phones. There is another one in the phone's screen guard hidden chat app. Download Apps

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