Measure the actual battery capacity (in mAh).

  - See discharge speed and battery consumption per app.

  - Charging time remaining - Find out how long it takes before your battery is charged.

  - Remaining use time - Find out when your battery will run out.

  - Measure battery temperature.

  - Track the app's live charge usage.

   Charging speed:

  Use the charge meter to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your device Measure the charging current (in mA) to find out!


  - Check how fast your device is charging through different apps.

  - Find out how long it takes to charge your phone and when it ends.

  Premium features


  - Use Dark Theme and Dark Mode.

  - Picture-in-picture mode for minimized viewing.

  - Home screen widget.

  We are a team with a focus on quality and emotion for battery statistics. The charge meter does not require access to privacy-sensitive information and does not make false claims. If you like our app, please support us by upgrading to the premium version.


  The charging current depends on the following factors:

  - Charger (USB / AC / Wireless)

  - USB cable type

  - Phone type and model

  - Current live works in the background

  - Display the brightness level

  - WiFi status on / off

  - GPS status

  - Phone battery health status

  Lithium polymer batteries cannot draw the maximum for the whole time to charge the phone. If your battery is almost fully charged, the charging current will be much lower than the low battery level.

  If the app always shows 0mA, please use the settings option "Old Measurement Method". You can force the app with it to use the old measurement interface, if the Lollipop device has at least one.

  Unfortunately some Samsung devices do not give the correct (measured) value (eg: S5), the maximum possible charging current with the actual USB cable / charger configuration. This is a firmware issue.

  Background information: The app measures the battery's charging / discharging current. If your phone is not connected to the charger, you will see a discharging current which is negative. If you connect a charger then what the charger gives will be used to supply your phone and the remaining power will be charged to the battery. Download Apps

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