No one is prepared for an emergency or a lost stolen phone, but it happens to most of us. Prevent these emergencies with an anti-theft and a lost phone finder app. Don't wait until it's too late!

  Hammer is a lost phone finder that will ensure that if someone steals your phone you will get into trouble by launching an emergency alert. Even if they turn it off or enable airplane mode. It will secretly take photos of the intruder and send them to your email. It also has a phone tracker to help you find lost phones.

  Hammer is the world's first smart security app: it detects emergencies without any of your work. The same emergency SOS or the same criminal will activate the alarm without even knowing it.

  The hammer is equipped with a panic button, fake shutdown, fake flight mode, app lock with an emergency pin, car collision detector, intruder detector, low-battery SMS and a website to remotely control your phone (camera, audio, location access), Etc.).

  All of this focuses on sending a security alert and SOS to your family.

  Why should you trust us?

  Becoming an expert on the problem of insecurity for 5 years.

  Realistic: We know that 80% of the time you can't send an SOS or trigger a panic button to notify your emergency contacts, that's why we do it automatically.

  We interviewed 1000+ families and crime victims.

  We are concerned about your privacy. Your emergency contacts will only receive important information from you in the event of an emergency.

  We have a support team to address your concerns.

  We are improving every day and adding new security features.

  • Your phone will do exactly the same thing. Battery consumption is minimal.


  Emergency Communication: When Hammer detects an SOS, it automatically sends live location, photos and audio to your emergency contacts.

 Counterfeit: Any tracking app in the world is disabled as soon as you turn off your phone. For this reason, we decided to solve the main problem. If someone tries to turn off your phone, the hammer will mimic a shutdown mode, but instead, it sends live location, photos and audio to your emergency contacts.

  Fake Airplane Mode: If someone tries to enable airplane mode, the hammer will mimic an airplane mode, but instead, it sends live location, photos and audio to your important contacts.

  App Lock: Lock your data-sensitive app with a PIN.

  Emergency PIN: If the offender forces you to give the PIN, provide your Emergency PIN. We'll send live location, photos and audio to your urgent contacts immediately.

  Car collision detector: We use your phone's sensors to detect car collisions and automatically send your location to your loved one.

 Intruder Selfie: If someone fails to unlock your phone more than once, we will take a selfie and send it to your email.

  Panic Button: For any other emergency, trigger the panic button to send live location, photos and audio of your emergency contacts. The panic button is accessible and easy to trigger.

  Low battery SMS: We will notify you of your urgent contacts when your battery runs out. They will be able to contact you before it's too late.

  Website: Remotely control if your phone is lost or stolen:

  Request location, photo, video and audio

  Trigger an alarm on your phone that cannot be turned off.

  Show a full-screen message on your phone If someone dismisses it, you will be sent a selfie.

  Lock your phone so that criminals do not have access to it.

  These features are not the only reason why Hammer is the best mobile security app. When sending SOS alerts, it is designed as a crook catcher to get your phone whatever; You can be assured of your safety. download Apps 

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