Discover iCallScreen app, iOS phone dialer / dialpad. Enjoy iPhone iOS 14 and iOS 15 features on your Android device.

  Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? We will bring you iCallScreen - iOS Phone Dialer iOS 14 and iOS 15 styles. You get the same full-screen caller ID as the iPhone X, XI, XII, XIII, or OS14 or OS15 devices. This caller screen app includes a contact list, recent list, favorites list and dialer T9 search keypad.

  Cool ICallScreen feature

  You can easily personalize your phone dialer / dialpad! Slide to answer the call, change the background of the call screen, change the ringtone, block users - unblock and select SIM card. Enjoy full screen caller ID, dialer and dialpad iPhone style on your Android device.

  Also, in the CallScreen app, users can add calls, view contacts, add a reminder for calls, send a message when you're not able to take a call, merge calls with conference calls, swap calls, and split from conference. The app has a caller name declaring option that declares the caller name or number. So, this is why it makes you feel like you are an iOS 14 or iOS 15 user.

  C Fantastic Features of iCallScreen - iOS Phone Dialer: iOS 14 and iOS 15

  Set custom wallpaper or background

  Customize and sort the background wallpaper for the call screen.

  🎵 iOS14, iOS15 set ringtone 🎵

  It lets you set iOS 14 and iOS 15 ringtones. Customize ringtones per your dialer screen and contacts.

 Call Block 6

  This allows you to block unwanted or spam calls.

  Phone Dialer 6

  The dialer app has many features:

  Find or manage a smooth contact book.

  View recent call history.

  Add and remove contacts to favorites.

  Advanced Dialer T9 keypad lets users search and view contact details.

  Customization settings

  The incoming and outgoing call screen has many settings like wallpaper and ringtone change, blocker, swap and deny buttons.


  Enjoy all the fantastic features that iOS 15 call screen provides. Jump to a conference call or customize your phone dialer screen. It's up to you.

  Slide the answer button

  Everyone wants a "slide to answer button". The iCallScreen app makes you feel like a real iPhone slide for answering iOS 15.

  Dual-SIM support

  The app supports dual SIM card. So a user can manage the SIM settings and choose a SIM card or set a default SIM before making a call.

   Caller name announcer

  No need to look at your phone or dial pad. It can announce the name or number of your caller.

   Fake call

  Schedule a fake call with a custom contact name, mobile number and ringtone.

  Flash on call 7

  Blink a flashlight when the incoming call rings and adjust the flash choice to your liking.

  Dark mode

  The Dark Mode option is available to optimize battery life. Customize the dialpad with the color of your choice.


  The size of the app is only 6 to 8 MB. Enjoy a custom dial pad on any device!

  Call back screen 7

  After the hang up, the call, call back screens come to remind you, send a message, block or take a note of the calls. download Apps 

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