If you charge your phone, do not let it stand still. A full range of battery charging animations are now available for animation fans, offering the latest battery widgets, the most complete and most enjoyable collection available Pika Charging Show. The animation crowd now has access to the most perfect and brightest series of battery charging animation effects.

  You can now see a battery charging animation Become the coolest guy in the crowd with your battery charging screen!

  The lock screen charging animation app has gone live which will make your lock screen adorable with charging animation effects. With charging photos - charging play theme, wonderful battery widgets appear on the lock screen for mobile battery charging effect. Also, the home screen now displays the mobile battery charging percentage.

  Parky and smooth! A variety of battery charging animations have been carefully designed to improve overall picture quality, ensuring that it will never shake or sway. Battery widget, charging show brings the opposite feeling of charging it as the best battery widget. Quickly charge your smartphone and then restart it in charging mode. Battery life, charging animation theme for lock screen is shown while fast charging play battery animation is enabled.

  When you plug your phone into the charger, you'll see the charging show automatically appear with the battery charging animation effect. Charging photos are displayed on the screen as the user connects to the charging cable without the need to open the Charging Play app. Not sure if this is the easiest way to determine the charge level of a battery? Both the lock screen and the home screen will display the charging screen battery widget. Among the most innovative mobile apps, the lock screen charging animation effect saves you a lot of trouble. With the app, you can easily monitor the battery charge level or charge screen and receive notifications when your battery is fully charged.

  When several mobile charging themes are selected the lock screen is displayed along with a great mobile charging show. Choose what you like best. Themes will adapt perfectly to your style. Charging your device while viewing the charging photo effect is an enjoyable experience. Apply effective charging animation screen and appreciate charging play as it is the most effective way to charge your device. On your lock screen and home screen, the battery widget lets you know how much power your phone has left. You can choose the battery animation effect while watching the power level. When the charger is plugged in, you will be greeted by an animated screen, which will be deactivated when you remove the charger. On an alarm screen, you can see data related to health, charge level, temperature, battery percentage and voltage of your battery.

  The battery widget, charging show app is an excellent advantage;

  Charge the equipment and test its power

  Charging animated screen with charging photos

  When charging, review the total charge at the beginning, the total charge at the end, and the speed

  A series of multiple battery charging animations

  Home and lock screen animation that shows battery charging

  Control the duration of battery animation effect

  Depending on the battery charge level or full battery charge, alarm can be set

 Depending on the screen of your device, the size will vary

  ⦁ Lock screen charging animation displays battery life and health

  Exciting and modern interface

  Charging screen offers entertaining charging show

  ⦁ Battery widget, charging show app can be used for free

 No need to buy subscriptions - no in-app purchases. download Apps 

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