Friends We use smart phones We all try to write different things by looking at sms with our friends or tomorrow we replay sms or type so today i will teach you a trick from which you can learn a lot and if you have any With SMS you can Ansar or replay him at a very quick time. Just typing the short code on your mobile keyboard will make this whole text.

 In a short time, friends will have to install a small application for you. You will have to download the apps link below. You will install the application by clicking on that link. Once the application is downloaded, you will open it and then the permissions will be made available to the application to open. When you see below, you will see the show plus icon click here and then you will see above the keywords which type any two English numbers.

 Then write down the shortcode you want to write on the keyboard on the mobile then it will show your entire text in this way. You can replay anyone within a short time in this application, or you can quickly quiz or replay SMS. Friends can tell us today if you like these tips and tricks How nice. Friends We regularly post many types of posts on this website If you visit our website regularly about technical and science, you will learn a lot about Android. Know More Tricks and Tips.

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