A very helpful trick for visitors who use Android mobile phones is very important to know in Japan. There is an option in the settings of every Android device. About Phone. From 5 to 7 clicks on the phone's bill number from the phone, an option is turned on by the developer option. This developer option has some basic settings that are required for all Android users. So if you want to know about the developer of the phone then read our full article today. 

• Then you will have a lot of ideas about the basic development of the phone. Developer has given some options where you will get many advanced settings of mobile phone. With that setting you can customize many options on your mobile. Which is usually not known to many. As an example, I am teaching you that if the battery of the phone has a fifty percent charge, then there is an option called a demo mode from the developer option. If you turn on this option, the battery charge of the mobile phone becomes 100%. If you have no idea about this setting then you must have a look at this setting. If you do not believe then see. First go to the settings of your mobile then turn on the option that is in the About phone number then you will see there is software information.

• After clicking on that information you will get another option Build Number Click on that option five to seven one after another. Then you will see an option will be launched. That option is developer option. Click on that option. Then a little further down there is actually another option Demo Mode Click on that option. Then you will see there is another option Enable Demo Mode Click on it to turn it on then you will see that your mobile battery charge is 100%. You may never know this setting. This setting is especially useful for everyone. When you buy a second hand mobile phone, it turns out that if someone else turns on this option, you will never know if there is a problem with the battery of that second hand mobile phone.

• And if you turn off the demo mode option again, you will see that the battery charger percentage of your mobile will go back to the previous place. I hope the audience understands and there are many types of options in this developer option. If you take a good look at each of them, then you will have a lot of ideas about the developer options of the phone. Visitors We regularly post on our web site about technical and science topics and blogger SEO friendly so if you visit our website regularly you can learn a lot and learn a lot about Android. And know more tricks and tips

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