Visitors Many of us want to write our name on the screen of the mobile but can't write the name. So today I will teach you a secret work how to write your own name on the screen of your mobile home button or recent button will display this name in the background. And this name will always appear on the mobile screen. You will like this style a lot. However, friends like me, if you want to write your name on the screen of a mobile phone.

 you must have an Android app that you can use to write your own name on the screen of your mobile phone. Once the download of the application is complete, open it first. Then if you want any permission, you will also give access to each permission. Then when you open the application, you will see that there are many options. Then look at the third option Navbar Text slide Show Click on this option then see the first option is written Text Notes Click on FB then click on Enter Your Text text Click here Enter your name Bengali or English then click on the add option and you want You can delete this name and re-add another name then click on the back button then see.

if there is an option animation then animation speed flight duration text size text color then there is an option at the top on and off must open open then see on mobile screen Your name will be displayed with animation. I hope the audience understands, if there is any difficulty in understanding, please comment. However, we regularly post many types of technical and science and blogger SEO friendly on our website. If you visit us almost regularly like this, you can learn a lot and learn a lot about Android. And know more tricks and tips.
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