Android Mobile Back Button Secret Work

•If you are asked to use the back button of the mobile phone, you will only give one answer if you enter it on any page and the mobile button is used to bend it. But today I will show you the awesome tricks of your mobile phone back. You will be surprised to see when you click on the back button of the mobile to open an application. If you want you can set up the YouTube app here because when you click on this back button you will see YouTube on your mobile.

This will be done and you can activate three applications here Anyone from the Back Button Trials will be surprised and your friends will want to learn from you. If you do not set the Secret Tricks of this back button on mobile, why not give you all the time, it will be very easy for internet browsing, for those who use regular Android mobile phones. You can do this and sometimes pass the time to see if all your work will take less time Use the back button of the phone can be a lot of benefit.

You will survive a lot of time to make this trick of mobile back button you will need a small application. How do I download a download link? When you download the application will be complete after you open If you want to permit, you will get access to each permissions access. After the comrade of the application, you will get an option below. Go to Settings, you can click on this go to settings. After clicking here, an option show will be accessed on any mobile accessibility. The application that you installed will show this application as a snap After clicking on the application, you will give it back to you. After returning back,

you will see three options here. First you will see a single press action click here to see an option below all you want to choose another option from here. You can see that there are many options including cameras on your mobile so if you want to make application settings, After clicking on the option of the click on the application will show the application you want to open the application in shortcut all the application and save the application in the same system, there are three options on the same system you can set three applications of three options if there is a problem to understand the video. If you look good then you can understand everything behind the mobile back button Three Tricks Tips

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