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How to watch videos of other people's mobile videos Maybe you have heard it on your mobile, but this is the real tricks if you want to watch other people's mobile video songs on your mobile.

So friends, you have heard about how to watch video of other people's mobile. Today I will prove to you how you can play video of your other mobile phone on your mobile. You can say that you are going to walk on the road or you are sitting somewhere or in a car Here are some of your friends who are playing a video song on the mobile phone at the moment You can hear the song but you want the song to be played on your mobile and you can easily catch that song and find out what songs and songs of any country,

Hindi or Bangla any song will only hear the sound and what music is playing on the mobile So friends will have to install a small application for you. I will give you everything below. You can download leak. When they are finished downloading the application will be open, the application will be opened, after the application is opened, the interface will come in the same text. Shajam can ask some permissions here, with each permissions, then after work will be done when you have a music video someone You can only open this application

when the music will play when you play only in the middle Click and hold that the music next to you is going to be on the other mobile when the sound comes to your mobile and the identity of the song will be played on your mobile, by clicking here the application will be able to see the song on YouTube and follow the location and follow you. Tell me where you can play this song. This is the secret secret work 99 percent people do not know yet E Super Tricks If you like this tricks, please like it, please comment and tell us how to follow in our web site all the time Android will get new apps and receive various Rex videos and news.

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