Many would like to SMS control their Android mobile phones 

from a distance if you are abroad or if you are away from your mobile phone if you leave your home If you forget that your mobile is not locked, you can easily lock your Android mobile phone far away. Your mobile or mobile phone near your girlfriend, you can easily find this mobile No one is able to control onati you have not heard, or someone you can not control, you can easily control your Android mobile through their mobile phones.

By sending an SMS to Android mobile, lock everything else on the mobile phone, from anywhere on the other side of the world, just send SMS from one end of your mobile phone to any Android mobile phone. Each application will be locked, no application can be opened except you and another SMS will be easily unlocked automatically, and every application is forest First of all, you need to install an application. If you send an SMS to anyone on Android mobile phone with this application,

 then all the applications on the phone will be locked but you will not be able to unlock this application until you send a message and unlock the download link. By clicking on this link, you will install this application on your mobile When you open the application, you will definitely come to an end, no such permission if you want to open the access permissions for each will elao. 1) We need Draw Screen Click here to click 2) We need to use the Lock Screen 3) Right Click Follw next Step. After setting the password, the Tick interface will appear like this, every application will be displayed on your mobile. From here you can mark each application first. After locking the application.

you will go away by clicking on the three line minus and clicking here will get an option. Click on Remote Lock and then click on an option to show an option. Here you have to turn this option on. After giving permission to give permission for some permissions Below you will find three options. All apps are locked in. All actions are written in this type of message. You do not see here. If you write these texts and send them from one mobile to another, then any phone will be locked. In the first case you will have to unlock each one with an SMS, but if there is a problem then you can understand the video. The problem is that I will give you the replay.

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