Imo WhatsApp using all calls can be Record voice just new tricks

All of us who use the imo WhatsApp app, and those we talk about with our relatives or many of your girlfriend or any of your boyfriends or your wife, we want to keep track of our secret calls but many of us You can not record some of our personal secret calls or if you talk to someone on WhatsApp or imo He said the words were spoken to anyone from now on if you want to keep that record. What you need to do is read these texts from the first to the last

 so you can easily learn how to record WhatsApp and imo calls. So friends will need an application for you to download the download link. Clicking below will download the application, you will download 7 MB. After the application is complete download, open the first open after the first page Next Click Then then the text will be written by Giv Parmesan and machine You'll also get an option to give each and every access to the audio Record this option by clicking on the call. Get it out when the settings are gone, when you call anywhere

with WhatsApp imo, or by calling your phone, whenever you click on the call, this notification will show in your mobile as soon as the call is made to click on this option Each time you talk, every word will be recorded and you will get the recordings Enter the application you will find each recording list. Here you can listen to one of your recordings and can not be shared from here. If you like today's pickup, please feel free to comment, do not forget to comment if you have any problem and you do not forget to comment If you visit our website regularly, you can learn a lot and many more If any problems are able to solve the technical and Science issue on the Android'll Know More Tricks and Tips

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