Friends For those of us who use Android mobile phones, the power button on mobile has some functions that many of us are unaware of. We all may not know when we charge our mobile phone in our home or in a store in that case but it is very important to have a little save.

 Many times we will want to lock the hand with our mobile phone and at that time we will probably want to press the mobile button on the mobile power button. Even if you try to turn off the mobile power button by clicking the power button can not shut it So friends, you will definitely see these awesome Secret Tricks and if you do this, no one will be able to turn off your mobile by pressing the Power button on your mobile.

 Once the application is download complete, then open it and after opening, here comes an option Click on the checkmark there and then click on Except then you will see four options will be allowed to apply for this mobile phone then you can see the video just like how you have turned on this option and sometimes by clicking on the power button on your mobile. No one can stop you, friends. We regularly post many types of posts Technical and science on this website Visit our website and you can know on a regular basis tricks can learn a lot, learn a lot of things Know More Tricks and Tips

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