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Ear Speaker Secret Tricks For Listen Songs audio and video

So friends we listen to different types of video audio songs through the headphones ears of our mobile phones are seen many times. Many people have to listen to our songs without headphones in front of people. Give the microphone or the speaker that we listen to the little speaker you listen to from now on Very few are able to caoyate headphones

 if you do not have to hear the music very well with the mike a little bit can listen to the audio and video saunde music. So friends, if you want to listen to music with your mobile front speaker, you will have to install a small application by clicking the link below the app and install this application by downloading the app once the download is completed and then after opening it.

 The option will be Give Give permission to click on this text Elao access permissions to each of them. After the Alao you will see the three-line menu settings in the upper left-hand corner. Click on that line. You will see the audio song video song and file manager of your mobile. You will be able to listen to music with your ear speaker, but the larger speaker on your mobile is below Friends We regularly post many types of posts on this website If you regularly visit our website for technical and science you will learn a lot. know More Tricks and Tips

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