Those of us who talk on the phone are seen in the mobile number. After talking many times, our numbers are deleted from the mobile. We will teach you one of these great tricks, but only then you will be able to easily delete deleted phone numbers. You will need to install an Android Apps that will get the link by clicking below and downloading the application is downloaded next time.

There is a backup contact number and a breakup sms, but you will select the backup contact log option and then click on it. After that you will see a PDF file will be created. Of course you will have to enter the file name here. Then there are more options. The option below is to confirm, a PDF file will be downloaded to your mobile when you click on it. No you will go to your mobile file manager from there you will see a pdf file created by the name you saved then click on that file you can see one year's entire call list is gone.

You will get all the information here by mistake. This way you can find out the call list on any mobile, if you have any problem understanding friends, of course we will watch our video very well. Regular posts on this website provide many types of technical and science topics. If you can learn a lot about Regular visits to our website, you will know many things about Android and Know More Tricks and Tips.

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