All Android User Know The important unique call Dial Lock 2019

All of us who use Android mobile phones and do not use any mobile, we will show you a trick today. You will be able to use every one of them at any time to avoid danger and learn a lot and teach someone else. Whenever we go anywhere on the road to the car Walking or walking on the street or meeting with your friend To give a missed call to someone with a mobile phone, he or she will probably mislead or ask for your number. If your mobile phone code is locked every now and then it will not be able to call a missed call anywhere without your permission or your number can not be checked. Today I will teach you a unique tricks.

 remember all your life, first of all go to your mobile phone. Do not type * # 31 # After calling this number, do not have the power from your mobile. No one can call you except to call you. You can not call your phone with your mobile and no one will be able to call it. Do not dial * # 30 # By dialing this code number, the call will be unlocked, and if this code is not working on your mobile, I will show an app. You can block calls from your mobile phone, and friends will have to install one of your apps. App Store link: Click on the link below and you will download this application. After download application on your mobile phone.

 open it to open. After the first page will appear, if any permissions wants to access each permissions, you will see the settings below. If you have clicked on the settings, click here, click on protected and give a Lock 4 Digits code here, your private secret number will be below. There is another text below. Lock code here with any secret PIN in four numbers and the third one is written below one lock here Hopefully, with a number of numbers, you can understand that when this setting is finished, get out of here. If you go to your mobile dial then go to your mobile number and after dialing the number you have given the second number.

 call it dialed and you will be blocked with your mobile phone dial and again unlock the third number to give the number after giving the call after the third number The day will be unlocked again. Friends hope to understand that if you keep your hand, You can never call anyone on the mobile phone. If you like, today's tips, if you like it, like course, please tell. Please do not forget to comment if you have any problem to understand. Regardless of our post on this web site, we always post about technical issues and all time visits to Android Hope to do something new tricks and tips

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