Android Smartphone Microphone Using important Secret Tricks

Many of you who use Android smartphones do not know that there are many unique triads of Android mobile. Many of you may be unaware of this. We all know that when we talk to someone on the Android smartphone, you'll find a slick microphone on the bottom. Why are the loopholes used? And if there is a finger on the hole while talking to someone, then clear the understanding I will teach you this great tricks of this microphone today. You all will be surprised that many of you want to learn and many who teach you this tricks.

 what you need to do is stay with us and learn these unique tricks when you Walk on the road, if you hear someone singing a song on someone's mobile, you want this moment The song will play on your mobile, without asking it very easily, you can play that song on your mobile. It is a great thing from a distance. First of all, you must learn friends, you have to install one of your Android apps for that. I will drop all the links of the app by clicking here. After downloading this application, you will first download the application and after opening it will open If you want permissions access permissions after access will.

 then you will see an option in the middle. If there is a music video playing around you or clicking on a music song near your mobile When the student arrives after the seat, when the girl touches your mobile while working on the microphone, the sound that song will come to your mobile. You can know from the name of any song and any lyric artist of any song and the music of this country is coming music but you do not know your name and what songs you can learn everything about music and you can easily find all the information about the music. It's important to know how it would be like to comment and regularly on our website, we provide technical postings about Android all the time. If you have visited, you can learn a lot of unique tricks and tips.

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