Mobile Battery Charge Light Animation Effect

Is Changing a mobile phone usually do not show any feature Animation, only the battery is charged on the mobile but such features are not yet seen as the mobile phone will be charged differently as your mobile screen's charging effect. All of us who charge this mobile phone only make the charging show on our mobile display but if you charge your mobile phone.

 a great feature and many people will be watching and the screen of your mobile phone will become much better whenever your mobile phone is charged at You will be able to put these features together just like this if you have these features on your mobile If you want to im you need to do. So friends have these light effects if you want to set up your mobile phone after charging a mobile phone then you have to install an application. How do I install the download link? When the application completes download, then from the Play Store it is open If you want to open the application after opening the application.

 then after opening the application, you will get many effects on the first page you will get many features that you will be able to see after the mobile phone charging, you will get many features like your choice here. Get the effect and there are many cartoon effect features in the mobile phone when you have your Charging will be seen by anyone who will be surprised to see the application from you and your mobile phone charging style will become different. First you can download the effect of the middle of the effect and just download 1 MB will need a right side to see a right Click on the mark, and then it will be saved.

 after saving, now your mobile phone Plugin the charger then you will see an extraordinary recharge until your mobile full charge is complete, these will be displayed on your mobile. Friends, if you like this trick today, please like it, please comment and feel free to visit our website. You can learn a lot of things, we can post many posts on our website The technical and science can learn a lot about it and learn more about visiting our website regularly. Learn More Tricks And Tips

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