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Get cool stylish colored lighting waves on the edge of your smart phone

When you open the installed application, you will be redirected to the main screen of the application. Here you can see all the options to customize the waves for your smart phone. The first option is to activate and deactivate the waves on the calling screen.
Once you install the application, you can select whether you want the wave notification on the calling screen or not. If you do not want to get the wave notification, you can turn it OFF on the main screen of the application itself.

When you activate the wave notification, you will see two waves, one imposed on the other. You can change the color according to your requirements. You can set your favorite color by tapping on the Select Color option for Wave 1.
When you tap on the Color Select option of Wave 1, you will see various colors to select from. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the square boxes representing various sets of colors. There are hundreds of colors, from which you can select your favorite This application also features the option to set the opacity.

As there are two overlapping waves one on the other, you can select the opacity of the two animated waves separately. This way, you can set out the design as per your requirement to make your phone look better. You can select the level of opacity from minimum value zero (0) to maximum value of two hundred and fifty five (255). On the main screen there are two bars where you can select the opacity of the animated waves to be shown up on the calling screen. color.

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