Friends How do you view the screen of a mobile phone from a distance, such as if you have a girlfriend or your wife then you can see everything their mobile is doing, with your mobile android mobile in your hands no matter where in the world your mobile screen is located remotely. You can see everything like how many times your girlfriend watches a video on her mobile Friends If you want to share the screen of others mobiles.

 you must install Android Apps that will get the app link Click the link below to download your application as such applications will not be available in the Play Store any time. Once the application is download complete, you will open it and after you open the application, the permissions should be opened. After opening the application you will see an option inside the performance. Click on the control buttom option and then click on the top corner. You will need to copy an IP address from this IP address Mail it to your personal mobile or send it to WhatsApp number on your own mobile then visit that link after visiting your chrome browser.

 you can see all information about what is being done on that mobile and you can see all the information on screen of his mobile. If you want to sit, how can you give your wife or girlfriend's mobile if your friends are up If you have any problem to understand, please let us know by commenting and understanding the video and how to make the setting Friends We give many types of posts about this website technical and science If you regularly visit this website you will learn a lot. Android and know more Tricks and Tips.

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